my system is consuming a lot of memory unable to even open a browser

I switched on my laptop at 9 o clock in Morning and it is 14:00 hours where in after a series of reboots /hard or soft I am able to open my browser I opened a notepad and noted down  following services and processes running on my system which right from
start consume 1.32 GB of memory
1.32 GB Memory is in use
Chrome browser is closed when I was viewing the taskmanager and using notepad it is showing me a lot of instances of chrome.exe process when I am using only notepad.
csrss.exe with out username is running.
Physical Memory in use is 37% Processes 65
avp.exe *32 772
BluetoothHeal 752
BTStackServer.exe 6164
BTTray.exe 4788
csrss.exe 1728
DCSHelper.exe *32 1320
DivXUpdate.exe *32 5428
dwm.exe 11,264
explorer.exe 16,972
GoogleUpdate.exe 360
klwtblfs.exe 1620
NclMSBTSrvEx.exe 1432
notepad.exe 1892
PCSuite.exe *32 9924
taskhost.exe 1968
taskmgr.exe 3364
ubuntuone-control 28,988
ubuntuone-syncdaemon.exe 81,088
VCDDaemon.exe *32 1132
 vmware-tray.exe *32 1044
WebcamDell2.exe *32 1952
winlogon.exe 2052
wmpshare.exe 1728
Services in TaskManager
VaultSvc Stop
SamSs Running
ProtectedStorage Stop
NetTcpPortSharing Stop
Netlogon Stop
KeyIso Running
idsvc Stop
EFS Stop
AxInstSV Stop
bthserv Running
Power Running
PlugPlay Running
DcomLaunch Running
WinHttpAutoProxy Stop
WebClient Stop
WdiServiceHost Running
W32Time Stop
SstpSvc Running
sppuinotify Stop
nsi Running
netperform Running
lltdsvc Stop
fdPHost Running
EventSystem Running
wcncsvc Stop
upnphost Stop
TBS Stop
 SensrSvc Stop
SCardSvr Stop
Mcx2Svc Stop
FontCache Stop
FDResPub Running
AppIDSvc Stop
wscsvc Running
WPCSvc Stop
lmhosts Running
HomeGroupProvider Stop
eventlog Running
Dhcp Running
AudioSrv Running
WwanSvc Stop
pla Stop
MpsSvc Running
DPS Running
BFE Running
PNRPsvc Stop
PNRAutoReg Stop
p2psvc Stop
p2pimsvc Stop
wudfsvc Running
WPDBusEnum Running
Wlansvc Running
WdiSystemHost Stop
 UxSms Running
 UmRdpService Stop
TrkWks Running
TabletInputService Stop
SysMain Running
PcaSvc Running
Netman Running
IPBusEnum Stop
hidserv Running
dot3svc Stop
CscService Running
AudioEndpointBuilder Running
Wsearch Stop
WMPNetworkSvc Stop
wmiApsrv Stop
wbengine Stop
wampmysqld Stop
wampapache Stop
VSS Stop
VMwareHostd Running
VMUSBArbService Running
VMnetDHCP Running
VMAuthdService Running
vds Stop
UIODetect Stop
TrustedInstaller Stop
swprv Stop
SwitchBoard Stop
stisvc Stop
sppsvc Stop
Spooler Running
SkypeUpdate Stop
Skype C2C Service Running
ServiceLayer Stop
RpcLocator Stop
PerHost Stop
ose Stop
odserv Stop
mysql Starting
msiserver Stop
MozillaMaintenance Stop
MicrosoftOffice Groove
Audit Service Stop
HWDeviceService64.exe Running
HPSIService Running
gupdatem Stop
gupdate Stop
Fax Stop
ehSched Stop
ehRecvr Stop
defragsvc Stop
COMSysApp Stop
clr_optimization_v2.0.50727_64 Stop
clr_optimization_v2.0.50727_32 Stop
 ChangeModemDeviceService Running
btwdins Running
AVP Running
Apache2.2 Stop
ALG Stop
wuauserv Running
 Winmgmt Running
wercplsupport Stop
Themes Running
ShellHWDetection Running
SharedAccess Stop
SessionsEnv Stop
SENS Running
seclogon Stop
SCPolicySvc Stop
Schedule Running
RemoteAccess Stop
RasMan Running
RasAuto Stop
ProfSvc Running
MSiSCSI Stopped
MMCSS Running
LanmanServer Running
iphlpsvc Running
IKEEXT Running
hkmvsc Stop
gpsvc Running
EapHost Running
CertPropSvc Stop
Browser Running
BITS Running
AppMgmt Stop
Appinfo running
AeLookupSvc Stop
WinRM Stop
Wecsvc Stop
TermService Stop
TapiSrv running
NlaSvc running
napagent stop
LanmanWorkStation running
DnsCache running
CryptSvc running
KtmRm stop
PolicyAgent stop
PeerDistSvc stop
RemoteRegistry stop
RpcSs running
RpcEpMapper running
WinDefend stop
WbioSrvc stop
WcsPluginService stop
WerSvc running/stop
Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 is installed on this system what could be the problem and what should I look in?

The system has become so slow that when I try to refresh page  I get following 408 Request Time-out Your browser didn't send a complete request in time
Programmes installed on my system Skype, Photoshop Eclipse Wamp Firefox Nokia PC Suite Scanner Software

I tried  to disable unnecessary programmes via msconfig rather than msconfig opening I get following pop up after a delay of 15 minutes (after typing msconfig in start menu)
"C\Windows\system32\msconfig.exe" the operation returned because timeout period expired.
Now I go to safe mode type msconfig disabled almost every thing and reboot
unfortunately even now I can not read a pdf in normal mode the system has become so slow that it can not be used.
I am posting these questions from a different machine.

Anwsers to the Problem my system is consuming a lot of memory unable to even open a browser

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by explorerexedown | 2016-05-31 11:01